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Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint

Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint is an effective and user friendly tool designed for recovery of corrupted PowerPoint
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10 September 2014

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PowerPoint presentations have an ubiquitous presence in the corporate workspace and most professionals prefer this versatile tool to showcase their ideas. Given the fact that PowerPoint presentations are widely shared and often kept in removable flash drives; incidents of data corruptions often tend to arise. If you do encounter a PPT file corruption issue and do not have the time or access to gain another copy of the same then you should look for a potent recovery tool. Of the several that we have tried over the years, the Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint 2.2.3 has come to garner out attention owing to its inherent simplicity. It essentially recovers your corrupted PPT files in a straight forward way and without any fuss.

When you initiate the Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint 2.2.3 application, you are greeted by a light hued grayish interface. To recover a file you just need to select the corrupted file from its location and follow the onscreen instructions to recover the file. The application will display the progress in a lucid manner and once the slides have been recovered, it will prompt you to reconstruct the presentation. Once you click on the Transmit button, it would place the recovered content into a new PowerPoint presentation. In the end it will also showcase a summary of the results which includes details about the elements that had been recovered. Now in case you have not managed to completely recover a certain file completely, you can choose to send it the programs developers for further analysis. Incidentally this proficient recovery tool is quite capable of negotiating corrupt PPTX files with ease.

In light of our experience of using the Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint 2.2.3 application, we mark it with a score of three and half rating stars for its overall efficacy in digging out data from compromised .ppt files.

Publisher's description

Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint is your effective assistant in recovery of corrupted MS PowerPoint presentations!
With the help of Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint you can quickly recover the data from corrupted or unreadable presentations. The program can handle both old format files created in PowerPoint 97-2003 (.ppt) and new, created in PowerPoint 2007-2010 (.pptx). All a user needs to do is to select a corrupted file; after automatic analyses of its content and the extent of damage, the software will recreate the presentation. Using intelligent scanning algorithm, this software is able to recover not only structure of slides and alphanumeric data, but also embedded objects, such as pictures, tables, animations, audio files. Repaired objects are automatically moved into the recreated presentation and in addition are saved as separate files. The program is designed to recover the maximum amount of content subject to the extent of the damage. Severely corrupted files that cannot be repaired by Recovery Toolbox can be sent to the program developers. They will promptly analyze the problem and try manual recovery.
Unfortunately, situations when there is a need to recover a corrupted .ppt or .pptx presentation are not so uncommon. On the one hand, MS PowerPoint is the most popular software for creating presentations. Its simplicity and compatibility with other MS Office products have made it # 1 choice for millions of users. On the other hand, common hard drive and file system errors caused by PC malfunctions and malicious software attacks often result in corrupted files. According to Murphy's law, this sort of failures happens right before important business meetings, project or scientific presentations. Hours can be spent trying to manually recover the slides. Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint will help you to recover the corrupted presentation in just minutes!
Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint
Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint
Version 2.2.7
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